Guests from all over the world, European format, Polish Jazzbus 2020 stop. A meeting of jazz-focused  music professionals. The Jazovia Cultural Center in Gliwice will host an international meeting on 5-7th March, which aims to strengthen cooperation between Polish and international cultural institutions related to the promotion of improvised music, including jazz. The first such meeting took place in 2018 and was a point of establishing strong musical and organizational relations. The second approach is to develop this formula, a dose  of new energy. Among the invited guests are: club owners, directors of cultural entities and festivals, owners of record labels, journalists from many countries of Europe and the entire world.

Jazzbus 2020 in Gliwice is an event consisting of business meetings, lectures and discussion panels, integration of the musical environment, as well as showcase concerts, which will be a summary of each evening. Lecures and discussions topics:

Panel guests and discussions:

As part of the conference there will be time to talk about:

Many looks at music in one place.